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Light it up BLUE

on April 3, 2012

April 2nd has been declared “World Autism Awareness Day,” a title that is rich in meaning to many people who care for individuals with Autism. Even our U.S. President made an official proclamation this year, in recognition of the day that will be remembered every year in order to raise awareness for Autism.

On this day, and during the whole month of April, a tradition has been in effect by many major organizations that advocate, educate, and raise funds for Autism Spectrum Disorders. In fact, “Light it up Blue,” (where people everywhere are encouraged to use blue lights as a symbol of shining a light on Autism) is a tradition that the wonderful organization “Autism Speaks” has advertised and used to raise Worldwide support for 3 years.

Did you read that right? Did you *really* truly read that phrase “Worldwide support” and comprehend what it means? Because it’s a wonderful thing to raise *Worldwide* support, and to know that people all over the globe are “lighting it up blue” in support of shining a light on Autism.

So today I posted a link with pictures to the “Light it up Blue” website, where many pictures of famous buildings all over the world have changed their lighting to blue for this day, and a friend of mine on Facebook told me it gave her goosebumps.

When she said that I responded to her in a way that drove me to write this blog tonight. I supported those goosebumps and raised her a few by saying the following:

It’s a wonderful, worldwide show of support, but it is also a perfect example of how Autism does NOT discriminate. These different parts of the world aren’t necessarily showing support for Americans with Autism (as is all too easy for us to assume in the USA) – they are showing support for their OWN kids (and for their own people) all over the world who have Autism.

As Americans, we are not alone in our struggles with Autism; and while that may seem a little scary, I think that, in some small way, it unites us – globally. And let’s face it; if anyone can unite quibbling countries from around the world, it’s children.

Now there’s some goosebumps for you.

The pictures shown on the Light it up Blue site are incredible, famous buildings (and attractions) from around the world, literally turned blue for a day to support this cause. Japan, France, China, Hungary, the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Egypt, Australia, even Saudi Arabia…my God, people, this is incredible! Autism is very real, very beautiful, very difficult, very global. And it is a cause NOT to be ignored any longer.

So, Light it up Blue for a day, a week, or this whole month of Autism Awareness! Change your porch light to blue, wear blue 5 days in a row, make your Facebook profile pic blue…whatever you can and will do!

And when people ask you “…why are you doing this?” or “what’s with the blue?” You tell ’em. You tell ’em I told you to Light it up Blue for Autism šŸ˜‰

And then you tell ’em to go check out the picture of Niagara Falls lit up blue, and to just try & ignore those goosebumps šŸ˜‰


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