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It Matters how hard YOU work.

on January 19, 2012

There are many good causes in this world, many injustices, and – closest to my heart – many children with special needs. These children  make our heartache when we see their disabilities, especially when, with things like Down’s syndrome, they are so obvious to the naked eye.

Well, I recently came across a video, where a little girl and her mother will change your ideas about feeling “sorry” for these kids. Special needs children are on this earth to rock our world and change our lives.

I really want to encourage you to watch the video posted at the end of this blog – though it is a little long – because it will do just that…change your life, change your outlook. The purpose of kids who are “different” is far greater than we gve them credit for, and it makes my heart swell with pride to know that God has gifted me with one of them.To give you a sneak peek at some of my favorite parts of the video, This little girls’ mother uses flash cards with writing that explains some of the things the little girl wants out of life. Here are some of those points:

“My friends get to have fun at dance, gymnastic, music, and library while I go to physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

I spend all this time working for one thing.

A CHANCE at having the same opportunities in life as my friends. I want to be invited to birthday parties, I want to attend public school. I want a career, I want a home, and I even want to fall in love.

Most people don’t have confidence in me to accomplish these things. The reality is it doesn’t matter how hard I work.

It matters how hard YOU work.”

Wow. Just wow. Click below to watch the video. Have kleenex nearby.

Down Syndrome Awareness – Maddox Lucille


One response to “It Matters how hard YOU work.

  1. jeanine castaneda says:

    Very powerful! The challenge at the end was great to!

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