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Our top 21 Best Special Needs Parenting Moments of 2011

on January 8, 2012

Our top 21 Best Special Needs Parenting Moments of 2011:

1) In January, Mommy & Daddy take the family on an impromptu beach trip, and Alex discovered his love for the ocean.

2) In February, Daddy taught Alex about his other love in nature: Snow

3) In March, Alex really started using the best learning tool we’ve ever found: The Ipad.

4) Also in March, Mommy put together a nice, new wooden train table for Alex’s Trains and tracks. Alex proceeded to use the floor instead!

5) In April, Mommy organized Team Alex for the 9th Annual ASO Autism Walk-a-thon. By the time the walk came, Team Alex had 52 walkers and had raised over $2,000 for the Autism Society of Oregon! The increase in support was an overwhelming 800% from the prior year. Because Alex had a hard time walking, Daddy walked with Alex on his shoulders.

6) Also in April, Alex attended his 1st real Easter Egg hunt at a church who provided a special area for kids with special needs.

7) In May, Mommy started the “Mommy4Autism” Blog you are reading today!

8) In May, Mommy taught Alex to make cupcakes; he is such a great helper and he loves to bake. Only problem is that he really, really, likes to break eggs open. Everywhere.

9) Also in May, Daddy taught Alex to say “I love you, Mommy,” just in time for Mother’s Day.

10) In June, Alex got the chance to attend Vacation Bible School at his very own church, with Mommy and his favorite babysitter, Illy, close by. He only made it about 3 days but he loved the music and all the games!

11) In July, while Daddy took Sissy to camp, Mommy and Alex bravely walked to a neighbor’s house to celebrate Alex’s 1st real Fourth of July experience (with fireworks). Alex didn’t like to set off the fireworks, but he liked watching Mommy and playing with the big kids’ motorbikes! He even made friends with a couple little kids from the block!

12) August was a big month! Mommy, Daddy, and Alex (plus Illy) took a trip to an Autism Immersion Camp at Meadowood Springs! What an amazing adventure Alex had as everybody learned more about each other. This is where we learned the “hands to face” technique, and acquired the connector, both of which have been amazing communication tools for Alex!

13) Also in August, during family time at the camp, Mommy strapped a life jacket on Alex and took him swimming and wow, we discovered we have a little fish for a son!DSC09310.JPGThe kid doesn’t technically know how to swim, but you could have fooled us! Alex also adored riding in the canoes with Daddy and other friends!

14) Because of our experience at the Autism Immersion Camp, Mommy learned a very important lesson: to calm down, in order to help Alex calm down. Daddy quickly followed suit and the results have been great.

15) In September, Alex started his first day of Kindergarten! This was exciting, butDSC09660.JPG also disheartening as it became clear that he may not have been placed in the proper program for his needs. Mommy began the process of personally evaluating his situation, entering the classroom and speaking regularly with the school.

16) In October, Mommy carved 4 pumpkins by herself, trying to get Alex interested in the Halloween tradition, to no avail. Later, Mommy braved the craziness of a pumpkin patch for Alex (in the pouring rain), who adored the Hay stack pyramids and the Corn box (like a sandbox, but with corn)! He got to pick out a pumpkin while we were leaving, and guess what? DSC00032.JPGWhen we got home, Alex drew out his first Jack-o-lantern face on that pumpkin (with a little help from Mommy) and Mommy cut it out for him. Yay!

17) In November, Mommy took Alex back to the coast for a little Mommy-son time while Daddy & friends worked on the house. It was not the easiest weekend in the world; we both came down with colds. But Alex adored the experience, which included the ocean (his favorite) and a trip to the aquarium to see the sharks.

18) Around this time, Alex developed an absolute adoration for Daddy’s laptop computer and all the wonderful games it had to offer him! is where it’s at, folks! Mommy’s always on her laptop, so it wasn’t exactly hard to figure out that he’d soon follow suit!

19) December came around and Mommy’s pursuit of Alex’s education and happiness finally made it through to the school system. Along with 6 other “Alex fans,” we faced pretty much all the special ed educators at Alex’s school and finally made the decision that he wasn’t in the right class for his needs. The meeting was amicable and pleasant, which was a relief to everyone I think! He’ll get to start over in a new environment as soon as the paperwork clears in January!

20) Another exciting moment in December came when Alex finally got to join his little friends at church in their annual Hand Bell choir presentation. The bells were color-coded, and he never really stopped doing his own thing on Sunday Mornings to practice. But Mommy was determined, so we practiced every day after school, and Alex played that yellow bell twice on Sunday morning, then even said his name in the microphone at the end of the program! Yay!


21) December also brought craft fairs, and Christmas decorations all over stores. Alex decided that Santa and snowmen were pretty cool, as well as all of the sparkly stuff everywhere. He really started to understand the concept of Christmas and presents this year, which was another dream come true for us…he even surprised us further by pointing out Baby Jesus in Mommy’s Nativity Scene.

Th335411_2957045004627_1216556390_33251876_2112514523_o.jpgese are the most precious family & parenting moments from our very difficult year. Mommy and Daddy learned so much about Alex, autism, and maybe most importantly, themselves.

Happy New Year! ❤ Mommy & Alex


One response to “Our top 21 Best Special Needs Parenting Moments of 2011

  1. Delayne romson says:

    Fantastic review….he has made excellent progress and it brings back special memories!

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