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The 12 days of Christmas Break

on December 22, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas Break (with a special needs child)

There are about 12 school days when kids are off school for the Christmas holiday season. These days are not so fun for Mommies, especially for those with special needs kids. But interestingly enough, these 12 days reminded me of a song we like to sing at Christmas…

So here’s my own personal version of a classic song to give you a peek into our 12 days of Christmas break (sung, of course, to the tune “Twelve days of Christmas”):

On the 12th Day of Christmas break, my Alex gave to me…

12 eggs a-breaking

11 trains to trip on

10 hours of jumping

9 cars a-lined-up

8 days of whining

7 kids complaining

6 angry parents


4 Body slams

3 Melt-downs

2 injured limbs

And a really messy house to clean.


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