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Be Aware – for Family & Friends

on November 27, 2011
It is rare that I come across a piece of writing that is so profound in nature that it literally leaves me without words to describe it properly. I won’t do it justice, but let me just say that the following blog post is the best one I have come across that offers enlightenment and advice to friends and loved ones of families with Autistic children.
The tears fill my eyes quicker than you can say “autism” and I can’t stop reading it for all the truth and phrasing that I wish I had been able to communicate as effortlessly as this man did. I want to plaster this on the walls of the world so that everyone reads it and understands what we, the families, are like, what we go through, and what we desire from our loved ones.
Please take the time to read this, and pass it on if it struck you the way it touched me…

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