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The Difference about “Differents”

on August 1, 2011

DIFFERENT is not a dirty word, it’s about a voice that must be heard.

Sometimes one voice is so loud & clear, while another simply whispers in your ear;

But neither voice deserves your scorn, that’s certainly not why my child was born!

My son is different, to say the least (I used to think it would be easier living in peace),

But through his differences and “strange” behaviors, this child was born to be MY savior—

With a zest for life and quirky play, he teaches me new things every day.

It’s hard, I admit, and I’ll cry for a while, but at the end of the day, there’s healing in his smile…

He may not be like every child, his ways can be curious and sometimes wild—

So very many people don’t understand, they often wave goodbye with a casual hand…

But should YOU choose to stick around, you will find beauty most profound.

For God made ALL creatures, great and small, He made the longest, the shortest, the tall;

He colored the brightest, then filled in the dark, and when He made my son,

He didn’t “miss the mark.”

He made him – like he said he would – in His image, for love and for good.

And I believe he made children, all, in the way He knew they would break down our walls

To challenge us, and make some space, within our hearts, that we’d embrace

Our children, our friends with special needs, who crave our help in this world to succeed.

So next time you hesitate, whether here or there, think of this, and remember to share

Your love and your time with others like us; build new relationships with prayer and trust.

Start making a difference, with “differents” in mind; it just takes 1 person, 1 step at a time.

– Kristi Zelinka, 7/31/2011


One response to “The Difference about “Differents”

  1. duane says:

    With words so inspiring, how can any child be turned away or denied their purpose for us and on Gods great Earth. Amazing!

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