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“Normies” & Purpose

on June 24, 2011

In the world of AA, Alcoholics sometimes call those who can drink without repercussion or addiction “Normies.” When thinking about how to describe parents of typically developing children, I searched for a good moniker I might use, without having to say “parents of typically developing children” over and over again, or using the word “normal” (which is so subjective), so I came up with “Normies.” Please don’t be offended.

The reason I am writing this particular blog is in response to a very dear friend of mine who brought up a very good point about these types of parents, and how they may be neither simply insensitive & rude, nor intentionally aloof, but rather simply caught up with their own family’s needs and demands.

I want all my readers to know that I understand that there are Normies out there trying to juggle multiple children at a time, some of them single Moms with so much on their plates that dealing with me & my son’s difficulties are just not realistic (or at the very least, not feasible for more than a greeting, a birthday party here and a play date there). I GET that. I really do, folks. And I think I can vouch for other special needs moms when I say that we KNOW our kids are hard enough to be around for adults, let alone kids who just don’t understand why my kid acts the way he does. Special needs families live with the balance of dirty looks, people who don’t even want to look, and looks of sympathy alike. It is not my intention to hurt the feelings of anyone reading my posts at any time. Trust me.

At the same time, I need people to know that my blog is my place for me to write about our experiences with an autistic child in this world. I need people to understand that this blog isn’t always going to be politically correct or solve everyone’s problems. I stated my intent in my first post, but I think I need to revamp it a little in order to better define its purpose.

The purpose of this “Mommy4Autism” blog is to inspire and uplift those with special needs children, while also providing a place to share a little bit about the injustices we suffer due to the lack of awareness, in order to *encourage* Autism awareness. I am not trying to “bash” Normies or their children, I am simply trying to educate by either using true-to-life examples of things that have happened to us, or by using stories about what or how my autistic son is doing from day to day. Will I always interpret intentions correctly? No, I’m not perfect. But the fact remains that the population is, in general, unaware or at the very least confused about kids with ASD and other special needs disorders… therefore, I blog.

This blog is a place to get answers, to see into the life of a family with a child on the spectrum. It is also a place where information about special needs events, coupons, and fund raisers are posted for families that need these types of things. Finally, it is a place for me to get both our own good and bad experiences out of my head and onto some place I feel is place where other people like my family can relate. This blog is, after all, called Mommy4Autism, and while it is my hope that it will reach far out into the community of Normies in addition to Special Needs families, I don’t expect people to always understand my intentions, nor do I confess that I am interested in making everyone happy. I’ve spent most of my life trying to make everyone happy, and I have come to understanding that this desire is absolutely impossible, especially when I have over 500 hits on my blog already.

Now at the same time, honestly, I am simply trying to bring us all together. With a rate of 1 in 100 children being born with autism (and that’s being kind), this is a very real special need that you and your children – Normie & special needs alike – WILL come across and have to deal with at some point in their lives.

I suppose you could kind of think of it like the way society used to practice prejudice and racism over many different people. Americans treated people of color like crap for a long time, but guess what? They’re just like us, and now we are all living (fairly) peacefully together. Is Autism so different? Yes, we’re talking developmental disorders versus skin color, but don’t you want your child to be accepting of all kids, regardless of color, race, development, “normalcy,” and behavior? Don’t you want *your* child to be accepted in such a way?

I appreciate your feedback, and you should feel free to leave comments – negative or positive – should you feel moved to do so. But remember, I can’t be politically correct all the time to everybody, and I don’t want to be.

Please note that I love when people read my blog, and I love it if it helps you, your family, or anyone with you. I also want to shake people up a little bit now and again. But if my posts truly offend you, just don’t read them! You have every right to do so =)

Thank you for your time and your gracious regard for my thoughts about my precious family.

❤ Kristi


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