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on June 11, 2011

Yesterday I was doing yardwork. For those of you who just raised an eyebrow, yes, that’s what I said, *I* was actually doing yardwork! I am hopelessly allergic to most botanical life, so it is no small feat for me to be in the great outdoors pulling weeds and such. But I wanted it done, and I knew my son, Alex would enjoy being outside, playing in the dirt with me.

It just so happened that I really wanted to make my front yard prettier, so that’s where I was working. We live in a cul-de-sac, so it’s a pretty safe environment to have our little guy in, especially when he understands the command “stay on the grass!”

There were some cute little ways Alex actually “helped” a little. He dug holes and we found Pill Bugs (aka “roly-poly bugs”), at which he shouted the word “ball!” to get them to ball up so he could go toss them somewhere (I am so hoping those poor bugs are well protected by their armor)! Later, I found an earthworm when digging out a weed, and when I called him to come look at it, he touched it with one finger, said “snake!” and ran away. Hehe…ah, bugs and snails and puppy dog’s tails, right?

But I think Alex’s favorite part of the day was playing with the roses. My little guy shook ALL the petals off every Rose he found that was pretty much done blooming, and left the others on the ground for me. (That’s my boy…) The ones in full blossom that would not be shook to death he simply dropped on the grass, then ran off to look for more. It was kind of pretty, really…these big, blossomy yellow Roses gracing the grassy ground with their careworn beauty.

The image reminded me of Plumerias in Hawaii. In case you didn’t already know, Plumerias literally grow on trees in Hawaii, and when they are done blooming, they let go of the tree and drift lazily down to bless the green grass below with their perfect beauty. Women – like me – often scoop up the gorgeous blossoms and tuck them behind an e2011-06-09_16-40-07_973.jpgar. It’s a simple, beautiful thing.

As I gazed at the Roses left on my weedy, obnoxious (but green!) yard, I found another one of those simple, beautiful things in life. So, I rescued some of those yellow Roses my son left for me and placed them in a bowl filled with water in my kitchen. I consider them a gift from my gifted son and a reminder from my Father in Heaven that He makes *all* things beautiful…in all sorts of different ways.

❤ Kristi


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