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FREE “Smile at Me” App for Ipad or Iphone!

on May 16, 2011

A friend of mine came across this free app available for the Ipad & Iphone from, and she passed the word on to me.

It’s a great application because it helps kids with Autism/Asperger’s to differenciate between a sad face and a happy face. When they get a certain amount correct, they get to spend a little time at the virtual “zoo” with a virtual “friend,” where they are then encouraged to say something to that friend, or give that friend a gift (using the app of course).

I have found this to be very successful, even for my 4-year-old, so I wanted to pass it on to you…best of all, it’s FREE for about another month! Here’s how to get the promo code to download it:

Contact Abbie Cort (who works at at and just ask her for a code. You can let her know I sent you, because they always like to know where the referral came from. Her company makes apps to help children with ASD practice social skills. You can view most of their apps on, their website. As Abbie says:

“Most of our apps are for children to practice eye contact, but we also have the Smile At Me app and 2 movement apps, Dance Party Zoo and Dino. I also have a FB pages at Autism Aspergers Games for Kids where they can see some screenshots and read some reviews. We also are almost ready to launch our new, highly anticipated Look in my Eyes Steam Train app. I can let you know when this is out and can send you a promo if you would like. All we ask is that folks tell a friend about us, and if they like the apps, they can write us a review on itunes. That is really helpful. We love doing this and feel great job when children can benefit from our apps!”

Don’t forget you have a limited time to request the free app, so do it today…and don’t worry, there’s literally no obligation required!

❤ Kristi


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